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Ever wanted to give woodchopping a try?
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Please provide your address and a phone number.
We will work with the Axemen's Association in your area to start your training.
When we schedule training days we will ensure that you receive an invitation to participate. Come & Try and Coaching days will also be advertised on this website - keep an eye out.
Also check carnival programmes - some of them have a training/come & try event included. 
We can lend equipment & safety socks & leggings etc. while you learn.

If you don't live in Victoria you are still welcome to contact us for assistance we will be happy to provide you with appropriate contacts for your State.

Our  All Aussie Sport - how did it start?

Woodchopping is a uniquely Australian sport and it is part of our heritage.

(see some early photos below)  

Our early pioneers who were clearing and falling timber for their homes were often separated from their families for long periods. They created their recreation and entertainment by using their work skills to challenge each other with chopping and some, also, became very proficient at axe throwing.

The underhand, standing block, tree felling and sawing events still use the techniques employed by these pioneers.
The first recorded competition was between a fairly burly bushman and a smaller, lightly built gentleman who was the local Vet. In true accepted Aussie style it came about as a bet - the bushman was at the bar of his local hotel skiting about his prowess with an axe - a quiet voice (the local Vet) suggested he put his money where his mouth is. .  Excitement  broke out with two groups being formed and bets taken by the local publican. The competition was set up and the finish was so close that both sides claimed victory and a fairly willing argument took place. Without the video technology we use to day for judging it was impossible to decide the winner. Over time the occasional "interesting" dispute arose. Perhaps they are still at it unless
St. Peter has since sorted it for them.
It is very much a family sport, often with three generations competing at the same carnival and sometimes in the same event.
It is also a very friendly, welcoming sport with opportunities for all. Competitors are willing to assist, to pass on their skills and often lend their axes. It is not unusual for a competitor to be beaten with their own axe.
We have competitors anywhere from 5 to 90 + years of age, and skill levels from novice to world championship level.
The handicap system also makes it a very fair sport so everyone has a chance for a win or a place.
We know one handicapper  who is aiming to handicap an event so that the finish is a complete dead heat.

Above: Falling 1890's               Below: It is down - now to cut it up - axe & crosscut saw.
Falling 1890's