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M.A.A. Inc.

Glenlyon New Year's Day was a very successful and enjoyable day with a very large spectator attendance and large field of competitors.

Above: John Coffey sr. on his top board in the Treefelling Event and, below, resting before he comes down after his win from 80 seconds behind.

Above:  John Coffey jr. cutting in Junior Underhand Event at Glenlyon. John is just starting out in competition and, you can tell from the nice clean cut that he is learning properly. He is coached by his Dad, John sr. Dad is hidden by the Standing Block dummy -you can just see his hat and arm. He cut second in the event.
Above: Another young competitor, Frazer Carnes, put up a good performance in the Junior Underhand cutting third. Frazer also took the prize for the neatest cut. Coach, Blake Meyer is keeping an eye on his performance.

            Above: Blake Meyer also cut well in the                    Treefelling Event - below his finishing blow.

           It was a great day and the         
  entertainment and lovely
    weather was enjoyed by all.

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