Our Victorian Under 21 Team took third place in the Interstate Under 21 Teams Race  at Sydney Royal & again  did us proud with exemplary presentation & sportsmanship.

From left: Kyle Meyer, Matty Coffey, Zac Giouzelis, Jack Carnes, Mitchell Davis, Nick Jenkins, and Lane Chant with Team Manager, Brad Meyer - front.

See an opportunity for you to aspire to join this team - start your preparations now.
See Coaching Sessions entry in programmes & entry forms.

The Royal Adelaide Show has invited all states to nominate a junior representative to cut at this year's Show in the Under 18 Round Robin Event.

Nick Jenkins (below) from the Wimmera Axemen's Association will be our 2017 representative.

Matthew Coffey, also from Wimmera Axemen's Assoc., will be our reserve for this event.

Come & Try

VAC held a very successful,well attended and very enjoyable come & try & training day on Sun.11th December. Royal Geelong Show made their Woodchop Arena available & their assistance is much appreciated.
Coaches were: Rod Meyer (Victorian State coach), Brad Meyer (Vic. State President), Kris Brown, Scott Anderson, Brett Cole, Ian Duryea, Garry Stewart & Brad Turner.

We had 17  who were completely new to our sport and 4 recent members who were working on improving their skills. (see photos below)
Above: from the start - learning to cut footholds - coach - Rod Meyer
Above: First cut -taking it slowly with coach's instructions .
Above: Brad Meyer helping newcomer
Below:  Just finished cutting one off & watching the next trainee
Young Member, Dylan Robertson, improving his skills, helped by State coach, Rod Meyer

Below: Getting the right swing.

Above: Lunch, an  important part of the also social event - BBQ cook, Garry Stewart.
Below: Just heard the call - "lunch is ready".
Above & below - also an important thing to learn when joining the sport - there is work to do - clean up is an essential part of safety measures & also improves spectator experience.
Above: Chatting to coach Kris Brown - deciding whether to give sawing a go.
Below: Getting feel of the saw & some instructions from Kris.
Above: Both new to sawing & getting instructions on action & stance.
Below: Started & putting up quite a good performance.
Below: Testing the double handed sawing event with coach, Kris Brown.

Below: Sawing with coach Brad Turner (left).

Ever wanted to give woodchopping a try?  
 Email Ann  at  ian.duryea@bigpond.com

Please provide your address and a phone number.
We will work with the Axemen's Association in your area to start your training.
When we schedule training days we will ensure that you receive an invitation to participate. Come & Try and Coaching days will also be advertised on this website - keep an eye out.
Also check carnival programmes - some of them have a training/come & try event included. 

If you don't live in Victoria you are still welcome to contact us for assistance we will be happy to provide you with appropriate contacts for your State.

See photos from some of our other Come & Try & Coaching Days on South & Central Gippsland & North East Gippsland Associations' pages.

Victoria Axemen's Council (V.A.C.) is the peak governing body of woodchopping in Victoria.  Established in 1970, the council represents the interests of woodchopping associations from throughout Victoria both locally and within the Australian Axemen's Association (A.A.A.).

The V.A.C. runs a series of Victorian Championship Titles at association woodchops, with aggregate points winners being crowned 'Champion of Champions' at the end of each woodchopping season.  The V.A.C. is also responsible for selecting Victorian competitors to represent the state at national woodchopping events. 

The Victoria Axemen's Council is proud to have the support of VicForests.